Electronics are often among our most prized – and most expensive – possessions. When you’re moving, it can be a source of anxiety wondering whether delicate mechanisms will survive the inevitable jostling and disruption.

The good news is that a little forethought and some packing tips can help make the experience a happy one for both you and your valuable electronics.

Ten Tips

#1 – This one actually might take place long before your move: Keep those boxes if you can. When you purchase larger electronic items like DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming systems, CD players and turntables, the easiest and best way to pack them for a move is to simply fit them back into the original packaging with its form fitting Styrofoam and other features that fit just right. If moving is on the potential horizon at all and you’re buying electronics, try to keep the original packaging if you have room to store it. The owner’s manual may also have tips specific for your item if you still have it.

#2 – Blankets: You can solve two problems in one by using your bedding linens to cushion electronic components en route.

#3 – Place all electronic devices upright in their respective moving cartons.

#4 – Your DVD player most likely had transportation screws installed at the factory. These stabilize the laser during transport. Find where the hole is still located (usually on the bottom) and replace them.

#5 – You can stabilize the platter (and tone arm) of your turntable via screws that are located at the top of the turntable.

#6 – Wrap CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and other media in tissue paper and/or plastic bags to prevent scratching. Pack them on edge (not flat) in a carton, using books or trays to stabilize the layers of DVD or CD cases in the carton. Fill the carton to the top with shredded paper.

#7 – Cables – use cable ties to keep them from developing into an unmanageable mess and prevent damage on the way. Don’t wrap cables around DVD players or other electronics; rather, wrap them into a loose coil and secure it with a cable tie.

#8 – Speaking of cables, it’s best to try and figure out where everything will go in your new home before you unpack so that you can make sure you have long/short cables as needed for the new furniture placement.  Maybe it’s the impetus you need to go wireless!

#9 – Take the ink cartridges out of your printer before you pack it and put the cartridges into a zip-sealed plastic sandwich bag.

#10 – Take your computer in the car – strapped into the backseat with the seatbelt.

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