Planning and making lists is a big part of moving. Still, all that big picture thinking doesn’t cover all those countless nitty gritty details that will come up as you go along. Here are some great tricks of the trade that will make packing – and unpacking – easier and more efficient.

Save on packing paper or bubble wrap

  • Use socks to pad fragile items like glasses and stemware.
  • Use pieces of clothing or towels to pack dishes and other breakables

Moving Boxes

  • Label your boxes with the contents and the room they are going in.
  • Attach removable labels to the sides of boxes rather than the tops so you can still read them even if they’re stacked.
  • Unpack one room at a time – psychologically, you’ll feel like you’re getting more done and you’ll have at least one space sorted eventually rather than several in a state of chaos.


  • If you have access to the place before the big day, it really helps to be able to clean the kitchen and bathroom before the move. No one wants to scrub a tub when they’re already exhausted. Remember to have at least one roll of toilet paper handy.

The Bathroom

  • Cosmetics –flatten cotton balls and put them into powder cosmetic item containers as an extra buffer to help them stay intact during the move.
  • Toiletries – to prevent leakage, open all containers and stretch plastic wrap over the openings. Then, reattach the tops.


  • Leave the clothing inside the drawers rather than taking them out and then putting them back after the move. Wrap the entire dresser in plastic wrap to prevent the drawers from opening and also offer some protection from bumps along the way.

Miscellaneous items

  • Jewellery and other small items – use plastic wrap to keep these items together, prevent tangling and cushion them against damage during the move.
  • Electrical cords can also be kept organized by wrapping them in plastic wrap.
  • Electronics – take pictures of the connections and wiring so you can reproduce it in your new digs.
  • Plates – pack them stacked on their sides like records or CDS to prevent breakage.
  • Taking down pictures and you see a lot of nail holes in the wall? You can fill them in easily – provided the walls are a similar colour! – with a bar of soap.

Vacuum sealing

  • Consider one of those vacuum seals where you purchase special bags that you hook up to your vacuum and suck the air out. It creates a package that takes up significantly less space and makes a good solution for out of season items.

The Movers Choice

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