Why Plastic Moving Boxes vs. Cardboard Boxes?

Plastic Moving Boxes

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Many aspects make plastic moving boxes the smarter choice when it comes to moving household or business contents. Reusable plastic boxes are convenient, and they’re the more environmentally responsible choice too.

Convenience, Efficiency and Protection

  • Plastic boxes are ready-made, saving time otherwise spent assembling and then breaking down cardboard boxes.
  • They have a snap-on lid – no more sealing and then unsealing boxes.
  • Plastic boxes are more protective of items inside and won’t warp with more substantial issues as cardboard can do.
  • They are made to be efficiently stacked on top of each other – quite unlike over-packed cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes eliminate accidental damage by collapsing boxes or towers of boxes that fall over.

Moving times may actually be reduced by the efficiency factor. Movers will be able to quickly and safely stack items in a truck, and that takes a lot of the guesswork out of the whole moving process.
In short, it’s a less stressful move for everyone concerned.

Plastic as the Greener Choice

It’s funny, but many people have a kind of resistance towards thinking of plastic in terms of being environmentally responsible. Yet, when it comes to the moving industry, plastic is an environmentally friendly solution to getting the job done. Plastic – in general – actually does have a greener carbon footprint than cardboard in some crucial aspects.

  • Paper production is much more energy-intensive than producing plastic – in fact, the paper industry represents the most significant industrial use of energy worldwide.
  • Paper and cardboard produce methane (a so-called “greenhouse gas”) as they decompose in the landfill while plastic sequesters its carbon forever.

Plastic Boxes are Reusable

The facts are clear. In 2007 alone, over 6.4 billion cardboard boxes were used to ship items via ground or air. Paper products are recyclable, yet landfills in North America typically contain about thirty percent paperboard material. Reusable plastic moving boxes can take a chunk out of those numbers and help to reduce the consumption of paper.

The Movers Choice

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