Moving in the GTA and other older urban areas can present unique challenges. The GTA is still home to many charming older properties, some even dating back to Toronto’s early days. Whether it’s an apartment building or converted century home, the move can sometimes involve negotiating furniture and valuables up flights of stairs – sometimes several. In some buildings, there may also be weight restrictions vis-a-vis the elevator, so it can still leave you moving up on your own.

It can be a daunting prospect but with some planning, forethought and a few handy tips, it can be done.

  • It’s Not a Fashion Show – that saying from your mother comes in handy during a move. Dress for absolute comfort and ease of movement. Your shoes should be non-slip and ideally have a good tread on the sole. Wear work gloves – your hands will thank you. A back brace may not be a bad idea either.
  • Personnel – make sure you have enough help to manage not only carrying the items upstairs, but remember that you’ll probably have to make several trips. The more tired you and your moving helpers become, the greater risk of accidents and injuries. That’s why it also makes sense to move the most difficult and heaviest objects first.
  • Gear up – dollies and stair climbers make the job so much easier and safer. At Mover’s Choice, we’ve got dollies, stair climbers and other moving materials to help with the job, especially bulky items that can be difficult to get a grip on.
  • Wrap bulky furniture – wrap your furniture pieces in blankets to help cushion them against bumps and blows from the walls and railing on the way up.  Mover’s Choice has a selection of moving blankets to help protect your furniture pieces.
  • Disassemble – take apart any furniture items that can be disassembled and then put back together again.
  • Strongest at the bottom – make sure the strongest person or people (and two is better than one) are the ones carrying from the bottom on the way up. The person or people at the top serve more to guide and balance the load on the way up.
  • Corners – it may be necessary to stand long furniture items on end or otherwise manipulate them to get around corners. This is where having two people at the bottom makes even more sense. Plan your ascent to try and anticipate when you’ll hit corners and other snags along the way.
  • Take your time – there’s no way around it; moving safely up flights of stairs will take some time so make sure you’ve allowed yourself plenty.

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