Of all the common household items, books are perhaps one of the most daunting when it comes to moving. A single good-sized shelving unit full of books becomes several very heavy and awkward boxes to carry and a whole wall of books or a library becomes a major task all in itself.

Still, a little planning and some thought can go a long way towards making it a happier experience for everyone involved – even the long suffering friends who’ve offered to help. Here are some ideas.

Sort and Destroy

Well, not exactly destroy – but give away at the very least. It’ll take some time (and the bigger the collection, the more time it will take,) but go through the shelves and look at each title. Assess it with the question: do I really want to carry this to the new place? If the answer is no, then don’t look back. Pack it up and take it to any one of the fine charities who are looking for used books to sell.

Hint: this is your opportunity to dust all those books too! A dust mask might be a good idea – depending on how long it’s been.


Cardboard boxes can be problematic. Recycled cardboard in particular can be structurally weak and used boxes from the grocery store may be damp or have contaminating substances. Our plastic moving boxes provide strong support but there’s a caveat: pack too many books and they will be very, very heavy. The solution? Pack the boxes 50-75% full and then top them up with much lighter items like clothing or towels. Another solution is to fill the rest of the box with crumpled newspapers or bubble wrap – either way you want to protect the books.

Label, Label, Label

Label the boxes and if you’re bringing the shelves with you, label the shelves too. The labels only need to make sense to you – maybe you sort them by read/unread, or maybe by genre or author. Whatever works for you. That way you can recreate your book collection as quickly as possible in your new digs.

Packing Tips

  • Pack the books with the spine facing down – this protects the pages.
  • You can also pack them lying flat – it’s likely that you’ll use both methods to fit different sized books into a single box.
  • Pack the large and awkward-sized books first and then fit others around them.
  • Make sure none are sitting at an angle or bent.
  • However you manage to fit them together, make sure they are snug, with as little wiggle room as possible –that’s how they can get damaged.

Map It Out

Know exactly where the boxes and shelves are going. Large boxes of books aren’t something you want to be tripping over while moving furniture. For that reasons it’s probably also best to unpack them relatively early in the process.

The Movers Choice

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