When you’re moving, it’s natural to think of the big stuff first – the kitchen appliances, major pieces of furniture, big rooms.  The bathroom can often come as an after-thought, but it’s a small room full of small items that might just drive you crazy if you leave them till the last minute. Those small items are things you use every single day and in the interests of making the back end of your move much easier, it’s well worth your while to put a little thought into how those items are packed.

Packing the Bathroom Step-by-Step

1.Separate your daily essentials – take what you use every morning and evening (cosmetics, toiletries, medications) and put it in a sturdy, smallish container (as small as you can to be convenient). Keep it within easy reach so you don’t have to worry about digging stuff out when you’re still surrounded by boxes.

2.Separate out any cleaning supplies and products from any other items. You don’t want any cross-contamination with any personal care products or cosmetics. Mark the box to be easily accessible once you reach your new home.

3.Because of its privacy, we often tolerate worn and substandard items in the bathroom in general. Moving and packing is a good excuse to clean up and you certainly don’t want to import some of the old stuff we can all accumulate in the bathroom, including:

a.Half-bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotions and whatever that we all tend to accumulate – they do become unsanitary and even during the period before your move, you’ll benefit from cleaning out these old items. If it’s changed colour or consistency, toss it.

b.Old towels, rugs and other textiles.

c.Expired medicines – if you can’t read the label anymore, toss it. Check the dates of all others; many have shorter expiry dates than you may think.

d.Make sure you consult your municipal authority when it comes to disposing of any toxic items like old cleaning materials or possibly medications.

Now for all those small bottles, tubes, jars, squeeze bottles and more.

1.Make sure nothing is leaking.

2.To prevent any spillage from ruining other items, you may want to consider putting some bottles/jars/etc. into plastic bags and then using an elastic band to fasten them around the neck.  Zippered plastic lunch bags are another good option.

3.Check whether any medicines are heat or light sensitive and pack them accordingly.

4.Tiny items like cosmetics and elastic bands can go into cosmetic bags.

5.Use bubble tape for any fragile items – or use your towels and face cloths.

6.Pack medicines separately and keep them close to you during the move.

7.Plastic garbage bags make a good moving container for towels and textiles.

Many small items can weigh more than you think. If you are moving on your own or with friends, be sure to test out the boxes to see if you can feasibly carry them when full. About forty pounds is considered a usual load by professional movers.

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