No one would really choose to take on the task of moving over the holidays but sometimes we don’t have a choice. Here are some tips for making such a move at least a little less stressful.

Timing – Will you be moving in December or in January? Packing ahead of time is the ideal but it’s also a pretty good way to destroy your home décor for the holidays. Consider what you might be able to do beforehand and what can wait. Is there a spare room that can hold packed items? Keeping the chaos under wraps in a single room while the rest of the house stays livable can do wonders for your morale.

Make it a Vacation – If you have the holidays to spare and you’re having real difficulty working your way through the logistics, maybe it’s a better option to do as much as you can for the move but spend the holidays with someone else doing the serving and the cleaning up.

Packing the Ornaments – holidays wrapping paper and other packaging from opened presents gives you ideal material to cushion those precious keepsakes when you’re packing to move. Wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts – put the ornaments in a box and wrap/surround them in packaging material for a great way to preserve them year to year as well as during your move.

Bonus Tip:  Those long cardboard tubes you end up with when a roll of wrapping paper are the perfect way to keep lengths of Christmas lights – or any other long length of wire – untangled.

Your Mental Health

Moving around the holidays isn’t just about the physical and practical aspects – it’s the holidays! It’s supposed to be a celebration of family, friends – the familiar. If you find yourself in a new locale with very little that’s familiar – yet – it’s also important to pay attention to the un-practical side of things.

  • Try to keep familiar things around you – beloved objects and treasured keepsakes can help to bring that feeling of being home.
  • Invite visitors to stay over – if you can’t be back home, bring a little of back home with you.
  • Invite new people – the best way to make new friends and traditions is to make them up yourself.  Have a party for others who are on their own over the holidays.
  • The phone is your friend – reach out and talk to the people who you care about no matter where they are,
  • Public events – check out your new community for events that will help you meet new people. Better yet – help out at a soup kitchen or where you can really tap into the spirit of the holidays.

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