Rent Plastic Moving Boxes from
The Mover’s Choice

  • Step 1

    Once you determine the number of plastic moving boxes and equipment you need to rent, you then place your order with us. If you are not sure on how many plastic moving boxes you need, never worry as our team members will assist you.

  • Step 2

    You simply pack your stuff in our plastic moving boxes and move to your new location.

  • Step 3

    Once you are done with your move, simply return your plastic moving boxes and enjoy your new location.

Our clients also appreciate the fact that our wide selection of plastic moving boxes is an environmentally sound alternative to using cardboard.

What really makes us noticed is that we have the largest selection of plastic moving boxes and moving supplies and equipment in the province, and we offer the lowest prices around for rentals at $0.75 per box per week.

And for your convenience, we also provide 1 complimentary label and 2 security ties per bin.

Families and businesses rely heavily on our large supply of plastic moving boxes that only help make for a smooth move.

We also know that our cost effective services will suit your budget. Whether you are moving across the hall or across town, or even to a new locale, we’ve got you looked after.