The Mover’s Choice rents plastic moving boxes & moving equipment for moves big and small in and near the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga, Toronto and Ontario, Canada. It’s our specialty since 1988!

We rent moving supplies for residential movescommercial moves. Our clients include top moving and real estate companies in the GTA, Ontario and Canada.


Why use plastic boxes vs. cardboard boxes for a move?

Using plastic packing bins for moving makes sense. And saves dollars and cents!

They’re durable, waterproof, reusable and reduce landfill waste, which is excellent for the environment. And are CHEAP at 0.75 cents per box per week.

Let’s face it. Getting rid of used cardboard boxes is a hassle. 

At The Mover’s Choice, it’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3 to rent plastic boxes. Choose the quantity that you need from our Mississauga or Scarborough location, start packing, and return them when you’re done.

For a fee, we can deliver moving boxes to you, before the event. Let us know how many you need. When you finish your move, call us and we’ll pick them up. No muss, no muss.

Rent from one bin to thousands at a time. Or more!

We’re the first moving supplies & equipment rentals business in Ontario to supply reusable containers for moving. You can rent them for corporate, residential, industrial and institutional moves.

Move carefree with the Original plastic box rental shop.

Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) Member in Good Standing.
The Mover’s Choice is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Movers.
Stacked Plastic Moving Bins for Rent in Mississauga, Toronto & Ontario, Canada
Stacked Plastic Moving Bins for Rent in Mississauga, Toronto & Ontario, Canada

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